300L Flat panel solar water heater (Pressurized)

$ 125,000.00

  • Highly efficient absorber of high performance with daily average efficiency over 50%;
  • Withstand pressure of  6 Bar, can be connected directly with city water.
  • Highly efficient insulation with polyurethane foam;
  • Can be used all year round in the cold climate;
  • Can be used together with auxiliary electric boost;


Installing a Flat Panel Solar water heater system for your home can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 40% to 50%. It only takes 1 or 2 solar flat plates to heat over 80 gallons of hot water per day – all for free.

Many people don’t realize how much energy is used just to provide hot water in your home. In fact, 20% to 25% of the average family’s energy consumption is just for heating water for things like laundry, cooking, cleaning, dishes, and showers.

Installing a solar flat plate system would mean significantly reducing – or eliminating – these costs. Furthermore, our solar hot water systems qualify for the Federal 30% tax credit, meaning that 30% of the installed cost of your solar hot water system is returned to you the next time you file your taxes. This means less out of pocket expense, and a faster rate of return on the costs of your solar water heating system.

How a Flat panel solar water heater System Works

A solar flat plate water heating system is a very simple and maintenance free way to immediately reduce your monthly energy costs. Both evacuated tube systems and flat plate solar hot water systems work in a similar manner.

In most residential solar hot water systems that use flat plates, cold water (from the street) flows into the bottom of the solar storage tank (1).

The solar loop’s heat transfer fluid (usually a water & glycol mixture) is pumped up to the flat plate collector (2).

This fluid passes through the inside of the solar collector, where it is heated with the sun’s energy (3). The flat plate collectors are very well insulated, allowing them to trap quite a bit of the sun’s heat, while letting very little escape.

Now that the fluid has been heated by the sun, it is pumped back down to the solar storage tank, where it then heats the water for your home (4).

This is just one of the more common designs used in a home solar hot water system. Other designs are available, and can be used depending on your specific application.


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